Content marketing services

Good content marketing helps, inspires, entertains and shows a more authentic side of the brand than advertising. Responsibility and authenticity cannot be compromised in content marketing, but neither can honest commercial goals. Content marketing is marketing on the customer’s terms.

We bring social media and influencer marketing professionals, journalistic writers, a versatile production desk and visionary content strategists to your team.

Dagmar is your creative and visionary content marketing partner

Dagmar is your creative and visionary content marketing partner

We make sure that your content works in digital channels:
1. We produce content and concepts in line with your brand and strategy
2. We engage in goal-oriented influencer cooperation
3. We bring the brand to life on social media
4. We ensure that the tools of modern content production are mastered
5. Most importantly: We create content that really interests people.

Make content marketing systematic with us!

We carry out channel-optimised and profitable content design as well as target-group-oriented and effective content implementation. We serve you according to your needs as a turnkey office or come to support your in-house team.

Contact us and let’s roll up our sleeves:

  1. Content and social media strategies
  2. Influencer marketing
  3. Creative content concepts for social media
  4. Social media content design and production
  5. Visual design
  6. SEO-optimized text productions
    • Video and image productions

Social media services

We take your brand to social media with goals in mind. We design distinctive creative concepts and themes, produce interesting content, take care of advertising and ensure that social media is a strategic part of your marketing communications.

Content marketing productions

We design and produce content marketing productions from video series to SEO-optimized articles.

“Dagmar’s amazing team succeeded in crystallizing our new tone of voice into a clear and concrete tool. We got exactly what we needed – more than we knew how to order. In addition, the meetings were full of the joy of working together and new insights. Thank you ❤ “ 

Aiju Ahlakorpi, Head of Content Marketing, YIT Homes / marketing
Wondering about AI as a game-changer in content production?

Wondering about AI as a game-changer in content production?

Our curious team uses AI tools in their work every day and is happy to share what they have learned. The learning journey has only just begun, but our hands-on AI training has received a lot of praise. Ask for more information and let’s learn together and test the possibilities to renew your content production!

Let´s talk more! Contact us:

Teija Jokinen

Chief Business Officer – Creative


Sirpa Toljander

Content Director


Laura Kähkölä

Senior Creative Producer


Mikko Wivolin

Social Creative


Ida-Maria Erholtz

Production Manager


Sarah Grünn von Walzel

Project Manager, Head of Influencer Marketing