Cases 28.02.2022

A-Vita Hydra+. Increase organic site traffic with high-quality, optimized content.

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A-Vita Hydra+ is a moisturizing spray that treats nasal dryness. Dagmar’s content and SEO experts designed content marketing for the product together with the customer, with the aim of increasing consumer awareness and understanding of the importance of nasal care. With the help of instructive article content, site traffic was organically increased by up to +255%. And sales also increased by more than 25% during the multi-channel campaign.

Many Finns suffer from dry nasal mucosa, but a large number of consumers do not yet know how to treat the condition correctly. In addition, nasal sprays may be questionable, as many people have instilled in their heads that opening nasal sprays should only be used as a cure. A-Vita Hydra+, on the other hand, is a nasal moisturizing product suitable for continuous use that moisturizes and cares for the nasal mucosa.

Objective and implementation

The goal of the marketing was to increase consumer awareness and understanding of the importance of nose care and to boost sales of this excellent product. The team concluded that a tactical TV spot alone is not enough, but that in order to reach the goal, you need information-rich content that interests the target group. In addition to traditional advertising that increases awareness, content marketing was strongly introduced.

Search data analysis was used to identify the most important search themes, i.e. problems that consumers were looking for a solution to. Based on this, content was produced for the A-Vita Hydra+ website that dealt with the topic extensively, staying on topic and using source material.

The content was designed and implemented by Dagmar’s experienced journalist together with Dagmar’s SEO expert. Right from the start, we took into account the fact that Google’s requirements for displaying health-related content are now very strict.

The articles were also utilised in the autumn’s multi-channel campaign launch. The headlines were versioned to work in a native environment, and traffic to the articles was also driven through advertising during the campaign.

Based on the articles, concise information packages were created for social media together with Dagmar’s content team. Facebook’s Instant Experience publishing format took into account the fast-paced way of consuming content suitable for social media: attention was attracted by video and information was chewed into interactive, faster-consuming 1–5-point briefings.

We are very pleased with the content marketing campaign carried out with dagmar. We need to raise awareness of nasal problems and differentiate a-vita hydra+ from its competitors. Content marketing worked excellently.

Ville Nikkarinen, Marketing Manager, Takeda Oy


The contents of A-Vita Hydra+ produced excellent results.

The article on home treatment for sinusitis and flu became the most successful. It brought in 40% of all organic traffic to the site in the last six months. The findability of the article with several key keywords is at the top level (1-5). Usually, health-related keywords are held by health sites, and it’s very rare for any brand’s site to reach the top five.

Overall, compared to the previous year, organic traffic growth has been +255%.

Posts on Facebook Instant Experience spent an average of 15 seconds, compared to about two seconds on social media content. Consumers were able to spend more than seven times more time with the brand than usual.

Consumers actively seek information about their own well-being online. By providing useful content, awareness of nasal health was increased cost-effectively.

Dagmar carried out the campaign with very high quality, and sales increased by more than 25% during the campaign compared to last year.

Ville Nikkarinen, Marketing Manager, Takeda Oy