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Increase your return on digital investment with channel optimisation of your content

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Is your digital advertising not delivering the desired results? Do you use the same materials in all channels and in every advertising space? Would you like to try a new digital channel? Read Dagmar’s Creative Services Production Manager Ida-Maria Erholtz and Senior Creative Producer Laura Kähkölä’s tips for channel optimisation of content.

Digital advertising investments are too often wasted

According to Kantar Media, more than half of Finnish marketers’ media budgets are allocated to digital advertising. Still, much of digital advertising underperforms. Advertising content is often the wrong size for the channel, it doesn’t stand out, or it’s designed doesn’t take into account the mindset of the target group.

Content plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of advertising. According to Nielsen’s Brand impact study, creative execution affects sales results by up to 11% more than media choice.

Digital channels are consumed faster and faster. Gen Z loses focus on the ad after just 1.3 seconds, regardless of channel. Meta’s feed consumes only 1.7 seconds of content on average. On YouTube, 90% skip a PreRoll ad as soon as possible. The tap forward rate for the first Instagram Story averages 75%.

“For example, creative messages based on classic storytelling are almost always overshadowed by fast-paced consumption in digital channels – no matter how skilfully the story is constructed. When browsers don’t even have time to expose themselves to the steak of an ad, money spent on design, production and media is wasted”, says Laura Kähkölä, Senior Creative Producer at Dagmar.

When browsers don’t even have time to expose themselves to the steak of an ad, money spent on design, production and media is wasted.

Laura Kähkölä, Senior Creative Producer, Dagmar

With channel optimization, you produce the content that people want from your channel.

The return on digital investments can be increased through channel optimisation. Channel optimization is the optimization of content to better take into account the specificities of each channel or ad space and the expectations that users place on them. Channel optimization maximizes the impact of your content.

Channel optimisation is based on data on the usage patterns and functionality of different channels, as well as the preferences of target groups. You need to know the channels where your target audience spends their time and what kind of content they want to consume in different channels. It is also necessary to outline in which channels and in what ways you should participate in the target group’s media day and what the channel aims to achieve. This is how it is understood what really resonates with the audience.

Examples of channel optimization of the content:

Channel-native content

  • Plan content according to best practices for selected channels
  • Data production, taking into account the most functional formats and lengths

Designing data according to the channel’s consumption habits, e.g.

  • Attention-critical seconds for video content
  • Content reading direction (differences between channels)
  • Present your brand, product or service, and core message based on how you use your channel

Did you know that

  • Already 50% of Gen Z use social media as a search engine.
  • Jodel is a place for young city dwellers.
  • More than 90% of TikTok users feel “happy”, “connected” and “joyful” after tiktoking. (Read more)
  • People over the age of 30 often consume social media while watching TV.


Channel optimization of content is essential to consider in both online and offline content. And also in your own channels!

Sounds expensive and laborious? It’s not like that when you know what you’re doing!

You don’t always have to do everything big. Even a little polishing of the content can make all the difference.

When the results of your advertising or organic content don’t meet your goals, it’s a good idea to look at the data and focus on channel optimization. It’s a good idea to do channel optimization for every channel that isn’t running.

We know how consumers behave in different channels, so we USE THE INFORMATION AND are able to optimize the content to work better accordingly.

Ida-Maria Erholtz, Production Manager, Dagmar

“When advertising doesn’t meet the targets, it’s often because the content doesn’t perform well in the selected channels. We know how consumers behave across channels, so we can optimize content to work better accordingly. For example, when a site banner reads from left to right, the first thing you look at is the left – so you should place the most important elements, such as a logo or CTA, on the left.”, says Dagmar’s Production Manager Ida-Maria Erholtz.

Take a look at an example: The optimised social media materials of Via soups exceeded the set targets.

Take a look at an example: The optimised social media materials of Via soups exceeded the set targets.

Example of small changes to content: improving native and social media advertising results with light copywork

In the example case, the content of social media and native advertising did not produce the desired result. There was no directed traffic to the website, to high-quality content. Dagmar Creative’s copywriter produced new texts suitable for the channels, and the results of advertising took off.
Copy changes in social media advertising had a positive impact on the results:
the CTR (Click throug rate = click-through rate) of ads increased by 0.4% –> 1.3%
CPC (Cost per click = cost per click) decreased by €0.93 –> €0.31.

Changes in the article text of native advertising improved advertising results:
CTR increased by 0.45%  0.86% CPC price decreased by €0.99 –> €0.68.

Through systematic development work and the production of channel-optimised materials, the click-through price of advertising has been reduced: €0.83 –> €0.55.

As a content partner, Dagmar ensures that the content works in digital channels.

We help with all content, all channels. We can also jump into developing your brand or content strategy to ensure functional and profitable content at all touchpoints.

Check out our creative services!

Our experts are her to help.

Do you create the content yourself and need inspiration and updating? Order training for your team on channel optimisation of content. Our skilled trainers are happy to help!

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Ida-Maria Erholtz

Production Manager


Laura Kähkölä

Senior Creative Producer


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