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Pirkka and Dagmar invested in social media together – resulting in fresh concepts for content

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The well-known K Group’s Pirkka-media grows with the changing needs of its customers. Now, Pirkka wanted to take control of social media channels in a new, targeted way, taking into account the interests and channel use of the target group, as well as its own resources and opportunities. The creative team of Dagmar helped Pirkka to plan and align digital content into a concept manual.

Digital Pirkka in the target group’s everyday life

For the iconic Pirkka-media, known to everyone in Finland, it is natural to stay current, speak directly to people about topics that interest them, and share tips and hacks responsibly.

Pirkka now wants to reach a younger target group with high-quality and inspiring content. The subject areas of Pirkka and the K Group are very broad, from responsible driving to personal stories, and from food stores through fashion to supply security and online food shopping. Planning, defining, and theming content needs specifically for social media channels was both natural and important.

Pirkka Investigates -content in K-Group YouTubessa. Concepts based on the concept book have been transformed into functional content entities by production partners.

Channel-optimized concepts and a manual to guide activities

Our goal was to invite people to enjoy both Pirkka’s content and also K Group’s messages on social media channels. For the basis of our planning, we needed to understand the media usage and interests of the target group: which topics and themes interest the audience but also fit with K Group’s own themes.

So, we rolled up our sleeves. We conducted research to identify interests and to explore which media the target group enjoys. We also utilized K Group’s own data. Based on this information, we selected the channels.

This strongly guided the design of the content concepts, as they had to work on the channels. We created Pirkka Hacks series for TikTok, the Why-Pirkka content for Instagram, and the Pirkka Investigates for YouTube. Visuality played a big role in the design and was refined along with the example content, in continuous cooperation with the client.

As a concrete result, we created a concept manual that guides ongoing content production, taking into account and also allowing flexibility for ideas that come up during the production phase.

It was wonderful to notice in the planning work how much investment was wanted in the digital presence of an iconic brand – this was done carefully together.

Veera Sydänmaanlakka, Creative Lead, Dagmar

It’s easy to move into practice with the concept manual

With well-planned groundwork and a clear concept manual, our partners can quickly start planning ongoing content.

The result would not have been this successful without close and regular planning with the Pirkka team. Together, challenging each other, we found brand-consistent content concepts for Pirkka, some of which draw from already created content. So, everything didn’t need to be invented from scratch.

We found concepts that work on the channels, that look fresh, speak to the target group and at the same time convey important messages for the K Group.

Paula Niemistö, Director, K Content and Channels, K-ryhmä
TikTok content @pirkkahacks

Concepts based on the concept manual are constantly evolving by different production partners.

Pirkka concept content were rewarded in four categories in Grand One 2023 :
Most effective campaign: Winner​
Best digital content marketing: Winner​
Best presence in social media: Honorable mention
Best social media ad: Honorable mention 

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