Dagmar Drive: Data-Driven Marketing

Dagmar Drive boosts growth of its clients’ business through analytics, marketing technologies and client and market insight

Business intelligence, client relationship development and marketing digitalisation form the core of our expertise.

We identify business potential in the market and describe customer journeys. We open up a route for testing and experimentation as well as continuous learning. We create alternative future scenarios.

We become equally inspired by consumers’ daily experiences and opportunities provided by artificial intelligence. We help choose appropriate tools and methods for each need. We become fired by new working methods and technologies and exploit, for example, machine learning.

Dagmar Drive offers your team experienced analysts and consumer behaviour researchers, well-versed SEO specialist, vendor-independent technology professionals and insightful business strategists. We work with the channel and content planners of Dagmar’s client teams. This is how insights are directly put into practice.



Customer and Business Insight

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Product and Service Development

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Long-Term Brand Development

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Marketing ROI and Impact, Predictive Analytics

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Marketing Ideas Inspired by Trends

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Dagmar Drive cases