BlogDagmar 07.12.2022

Dagmar is now Great Place to Work certified™ 


Dagmar’s Great Place To Work certification™ is a globally recognized recognition of the outstanding employee experience, trust-based company culture and commitment to building a great workplace. HR Manager Marianne Arima believes that Dagmar’s strong sense of community, mutual respect, positive leadership, support for well-being and innovation contributed to the certification. 

Great Place to Work® is a research, consultancy and training company operating in nearly a hundred countries that helps organizations identify, create and maintain great workplaces. Great Place to Work® Finland has been operating in Finland for 20 years. The company publishes the Best Workplaces™ in Finland list annually. 

“According to our own employee surveys, we enjoy working here and our community’s expertise and support are appreciated. However, we considered it important that Dagmar employees can openly share their everyday experiences with an impartial partner. All companies may have pain points that they do not know how to identify themselves or that do not arise in their own surveys. Only by identifying and acknowledging hidden development areas can we grow into an even better work community, says Krista Elopuro, CEO of Dagmar. 

What kind of work community is Dagmar? 

The GPTW method is used annually to find out the experiences of 10,000 organizations and more than 10 million employees about their own workplace. The survey will be conducted with the same content, so the results can be compared both nationally and internationally. 

A summary of Dagmar as a workplace has been published on the Great Place to Work website. 

Based on the analysis of the results, the following factors influenced Dagmar’s certification: 

Strong sense of community. We know the power of colleagues. We are constantly collaborating across skill groups, with our great and knowledgeable colleagues. For us, a great work community means giving and taking responsibility – trusting people. We are genuinely proud to be Dagulians. 

We value, listen, encourage, engage. We see each other’s differences as enrichment and an opportunity to learn to think from different perspectives. We consider everyone equally. We dare to ask for help with a low threshold – we don’t have to be left alone, there is always someone to help. 

Positive leadership. We support, spar together and discuss openly. We want everyone to be able to experience feelings of success as often as possible. Because every Dagu employee is super important to the success of our entire community. The better we all succeed, the better we can help our customers succeed. 

Support for well-being. We show a genuine interest in our well-being. Our working environment is safe and healthy. We receive support for both mental well-being and maintaining physical health. In everyday life, you often hear from Dagu employees that “Dagmar is a truly humane workplace”. For us, humanity means working appropriately so that there is enough energy and enthusiasm for free time as well. 

Innovativeness. We renew and renew, we want to be a force for change for the entire marketing industry. We are known for our constant curiosity about new things and our enthusiasm to increase our own and others’ skills. We also receive steady praise from our wonderful customers for developing and creating something new. Whether it’s better practices or responding to unexpected challenges in the market, we are the first to lead the way and find solutions. 

It is great to continue on this path. When the direction is clear and the atmosphere is safely constructive, all of us at Dagu can together breathe exactly the spirit we want into our culture. 

The Great Place to Work certification™ is based on the Trust model and the Trust Index™ employee survey, the development of which has received support from four top universities: Duke University, Harvard University, The University of Chicago and Wharton University of Pennsylvania. 

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