Dagmar Media: Marketing communications

To us, medium is not a tool, but a chance to engage with people. It can be bought, owned or earned, and in this era of influencer marketing, media opportunities can be found with any of us.

Rather than being a tool, the media for us means the opportunity to encounter a person. The media can be the one you have bought, you own or have earned, but anyone of us too can also be the media.

We plan the strategy based on your marketing targets where we choose the role for each channel that exploits its features in an optimum way.

We create effective impacts and help you to buy relevant channels or services at a reasonable price. Both in Finland and abroad. Through our partner Publicis Media, our clients can make use of the experts of Starcom and Zenith in over one hundred countries.

Together with our Drive unit analysts, we calculate the maximum ROI and the Stories experts help create the content that enables you to make a full impact.