Dagmar Stories:
Content Marketing

Stories is your partner in content marketing strategy, planning and production. Brands too can be media.

Dagmar Stories helps clients to act as inspiring publishers. We produce experiential contents that appeal to emotion and trigger action. We are familiar with audiences and know where and how they act. That is why the contents we produce are optimised by channel and planned for relevant audiences.

Dagmar Stories offers your team storytellers of a digital era, social media content specialists, highly experienced producers and insightful content strategists. We are a great believer in the power of collaboration and do it together with our clients, Dagmar’s versatile professionals and the best-of-breed partners in the market. This is how we ensure the relevance, performance and quality of the contents.



Content Strategies and Concepts

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Influencer Marketing

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Community Management and Social Media Content

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Content Production: Videos, Articles, Graphics, Banners, Websites

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